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What is Polish Studies?

Polish Studies is always associated with transgressing norms and boundaries, geographical borders included. It is a journey through the history of one's own language and identity. A journey with an aim, and with many excellent companions.
Polish Studies is discussed by Prof. Mikołaj Sokołowski (IBL PAN Director), Prof. Magdalena Rembowska-Płuciennik and Prof. Tomasz Chachulski.

The role of education and research in Polish studies around the world and the significance of achievements of Polish literature on the global scene are presented by "Geopolonistics" - an undertaking initiated by Prof. Magdalena Popiel (Jagiellonian University), a world map pointing to places where Polish studies education and research are conducted.


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On "Geopolonistics" at the University of Grodno

The international scientific conference 'Mickiewicz and romantics towards East Slavic cultures' became an opportunity to familiarize participants with the 'Geopolonistics' project. The conference was attended by the editors of the "Polish Studies Newsletter" - Olga Zakolska and Piotr Bordzoł.


100th anniversary of “Biblioteka Narodowa” (National Library of Poland) book series

This year marks the 100th  anniversary of the creation of "The National Library of Poland" - the oldest and best known literary series in Poland. So far, it has published 605 volumes of the most valuable works of Polish and world literature in exemplary, professional and accessible studies, which came from the pens of the best Polish literary scholars.


“The Skamandrites” in digital reality

The project "The Skamander Triad in exile. Editing the letters of Jan Lechoń, Kazimierz Wierzyński and Mieczysław Grydzewski" is an example of combining the tradition of "flashcard and pencil" with modern technologies, mixing a fully professional critical study with an open access to knowledge and merging scientific sources, the rustle of pages of a printed book with a functional digital edition. It concerns the correspondence of the eminent representatives of Polish literature and culture of the 20th century, the poets Jan Lechoń and Kazimierz Wierzyński, and the editor Mieczysław Grydzewski. The collection of their letters, located at the Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences of America with headquarters in New York and the Polish Library in London, is an important part of the Polish cultural heritage.   We have talked about the project with its authors: Dr. Beata Dorosz, PhD DSc, Professor of The Institute Of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a member of the Department of Contemporary Literature Documentation, and Dr. Bartłomiej Szleszyński, Head of the New Panorama of Polish Literature team of the Digital Humanities Centre at the Institute Of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences.


A few words on the Olympics of Polish Literature and Language

Half the holidays are over. High school students who think about the near future are reminded that the topics of the next, jubilee edition of the Polish Literature and Language Olympics are already known. All issues are available on the Olympic Games website: http://www.olijp.pl/?q=node/4310. More about the Olympians, the Olympics itself and about the experience of Polish studies abroad says Professor Tomasz Chachulski in the film we invite you to watch!

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