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Date of the event: 22.09.2020 - 25.09.2020
Added on: 05.11.2019

Towards Culture(s) of Dialogue? Communicating Unity in/and Diversity through Language and Discourse / International Conference IADA 2020 / Discourse, Dialogicity & Dialogue (DDD)

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Institute of Applied Linguistics (University of Warsaw) and International Association for Dialogue Analysis (IADA) invite to the international conference: Towards Culture(s) of Dialogue? Communicating Unity in/and Diversity through Language and Discourse (Warsaw, 22-25 September 2020).

We invite linguists, discourse analysts, sociologists, psychologists, political and media scientists, law experts, philosophers, anthropologists, culture mediators (translators, teachers, etc.), as well as other researchers from related disciplines to the multidisciplinary discussion of prospects and limits of mediating human culture(s) through dialogue.

More specific topics within the conference fall in, but are not restricted to, the following areas:

  • (new) genres and modalities of dialogue;
  • dialogue in (public) social institutions (media, politics, business, healthcare, courts, science, education, religion, family, etc.);
  • narratives in dialogue;
  • multilingual and intercultural dialogue;
  • pragmatics, semantics and rhetoric of dialogue;
  • searching for common ground in communication;
  • (un)certainty and knowledge in dialogue: negotiating, deliberating and establishing social facts; argument structure; commitment to truth and obligation, etc.;
  • positioning in dialogue; heteroglossia and polyphony of voices in dialogue;
  • tension or complementariness between/within local and global, contemporary and historical, modern and traditional interactive patterns;
  • conflict management and problem-solving in mediation, arbitration, social consultations, counselling, therapy, etc.; dialogue in peace-making, peace-building and peace-keeping;
  • online dispute resolution;
  • confronting and counteracting verbal oppression (deception, cheating, lying, perpetration, propaganda, censorship, manipulation, etc.);
  • discourses of commemoration and reconciliation;
  • minority and immigrant discourses in intercultural dialogue;
  • ethical aspects of dialogue: participation and uniplurality in discourse; speaker/writer subjectivation; authentic and fake dialogue;
  • transparency of meaning in dialogue; discoursal bias and neutrality;
  • expressing reflexivity, (self-)reflection and responsibility in dialogue;
  • dialogic formation of personal and communal identity; transformation of self, other and culture in dialogue; dialogue and language/culture change;
  • role of dialogue in pedagogy of critical language awareness and language/media literacy;
  • dialogue-oriented attitudes in intercultural and foreign/second language instruction;
  • literary/artistic discourses and dialogue; translation and dialogue.

The language of the conference is English.


Application deadline for participants:
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