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Начало событияДата события: 21.09.2020 - 25.09.2020
Дата размещения: 06.05.2020

OASPA Online Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing 2020

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The OASPA 2020 Conference will take place online during the week of Monday 21 – Friday 25 September 2020.

The 2020 conference will address open access at a time of global challenge, taking on the demands and opportunities for open scholarship in relation to past and future crises in different regions of the globe. OASPA 2020 will also be a forum for collective reflection on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and our ongoing endeavour to ensure scholarship is open and accessible to all.

The program committee is working hard to deliver an exceptional series of sessions, exploring:

  • The latest developments in global open access policy 
  • Funding and operational models for equitable open access
  • Moves toward community-owned, open infrastructure
  • Engaging researchers in open scholarship
  • Pricing and cost transparency
  • Perspectives from small and scholar-led publishers
  • The future of open scholarship

Please feel free to discuss the conference on social media using the hashtag #OASPA2020. Enquiries regarding the conference should be directed to info@oaspa.org.

For highlights from last year’s conference in Copenhagen, recordings can be found here.

2020 OASPA Conference Committee

Jennifer Gibson (eLife) – Chair
Xenia van Edig (Copernicus Publications)
Catriona MacCallum (Hindawi)
Emma Wilson (Royal Society of Chemistry)
Juan Pablo Alperin (ScholCommLab/Public Knowledge Project)
Abel Packer (SciELO)
Shuai Yan  (Independent Consultant, China)
Charles Watkinson (University of Michigan)


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