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Date of the event: 20.04.2017 - 23.04.2017
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International Conference Music Across Media: Functions, Convergence, Meaning

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Music scores for Star Wars or Indiana Jones have undoubtedly inscribed themselves in popular imagination, not only illustrating the movies, but also co-creating their transmedial storyworlds. One should not forget, at the same time, that movie, TV series or video game soundtracks featured also critically acclaimed soundtracks, such as music to Dracula or, more contemporarily, BAFTA-winning OST for Deus Ex: Human Revolution by Michael McCann. Correspondingly, International Conference Music Across Media, co-organised by Facta Ficta Research Centre in Kraków and The Chopin Institute in Warsaw aims at bringing up more of such examples and bridging a professional musicologist approach with media and fan studies.


  • cinematic music across media;
  • function of music in different movie genres/conventions;
  • different kinds of music in video games;
  • original soundtracks for TV and animated series;
  • theatre music today: a new or old-school approach?
  • music as topic (e.g. Disney’s Fantasia or Amadeus) or music as decoration (e.g. original songs for movies); 
  • illustrative music in media or media with musical illustration;
  • aesthetic codes in music reception (epic, nostalgia, heroic, romantic, meditation etc.);
  • music as world-building engine in transmedial narratology;
  • music as marketing device  (e.g. jingles or advert/news tunes);
  • music in  converging culture (e.g. music cosplay in The Piano Guys or Lindsey Stirling’s videos)
  • special topic: Chopin’s music in movies.

The conference language is English and Polish (although we do encourage English presentations). To register for the conference, one should send in an editable format (.doc, .docx.) 300-600-words abstracts featuring (1) the title of presentation, (2) a concise bio-note, (3) current affiliation, and (4) all necessary contact information (official email address & phone number) at musicacrossmedia@gmail.com by March 6th 2017. Please do entitle the document with aforementioned information, following the pattern: “Name, Title of your presentation”. Successful applicants will be notified within two weeks after the deadline and given additional two-three weeks for submitting the registration fee.

Attendees are also encouraged to send us full panel proposals composed of (1) abstracts from a minimum number of 4 delegates, (2) up to 600 words description of the panel, (3) a suggested title of the panel and, most importantly, (4) email addresses of all delegates included in the proposed panel. The conference fee is 150€ (reduced fee 100€ for students) and includes 3 lunches, wine reception, coffee breaks, and other conference essentials.
The conference will be followed by a peer-reviewed monograph, published by Facta Ficta Research Centre and licenced under Creative Commons 4.0 as an ebook in multiformat stored in a globally accessible repository (CeON Center for Open Science) and / or in peer-reviewed special editions of renowned scholarly journals.

Further details regarding the venue, suggested accommodation and transportation will be continuously updated at the website musicacrossmedia.wordpress.com. Organisers do welcome all questions and requests at musicacrossmedia@gmail.com  
We look forward to seeing you in Warsaw!

Wojciech Marchwica (Jagiellonian University, Chopin Institute in Warsaw) Melanie Schiller (University of Groningen) Kristin McGee  (University of Groningen) Raine Koskimaa (University of Jyväskylä) Krzysztof M. Maj (Facta Ficta Research Centre)


Application deadline for speakers:
06.03.2017 22:30
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