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Landscape Study on Citizen Science (CS) Funding in Social Science and Humanities (SSH)

This survey addresses all people engaged or willing to engage in citizen science (CS) or participatory research projects involving disciplines from the social sciences and the humanities (SSH) fields. The survey is part of the research conducted by the European COESO Project (https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101006325) on 'Collaborative Engagement on Societal Issues' (Horizon 2020 REF: 101006325). COESO gathers 15 partners from 6 different European countries. One of its main objectives is to work with funders to innovate funding schemes for citizen science in SSH.

The survey is completely anonymous, as we do not collect any personal data or any data that allows respondents to be identified. In this case, in accordance with the European Regulation 2016/679, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), NO informed consent from respondents is required. The results will be processed in accordance with the GDPR. Ibercivis Foundation is the entity responsible for the management of the survey.

Outcomes will be made public on the upcoming COESO website. You can subscribe to our newsletters (OPERAS https://www.operas-eu.org/operas-newsletter/ and ECSA https://ecsa.citizen-science.net/about-us/news/), if you wish to be kept up to date.

For more questions about COESO you can write to the project coordinators pierre[dot]mounier[at]openedition[dot]org and alessia[dot]smaniotto[at]openedition[dot]org.

Filling out the survey takes from 8 to 10 minutes.

You can submit your response before 15 April.


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30 March 2021; 12:29 (Mariola Wilczak)
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30 March 2021; 13:12 (Mariola Wilczak)

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OPERAS business models survey on open access books




The European Commission will finance the project TRIPLE (Targeting Researchers through Innovative Practices and multiLingual Exploration) under the Horizon 2020 framework with approx. 5,6 million Euros for a duration of 42 months. TRIPLE will be a dedicated service of the OPERAS research infrastructure and will become a strong service in the EOSC marketplace. TRIPLE will help social sciences and humanities (SSH) research in Europe to gain visibility, to be more efficient and effective, to improve its reuse within the SSH and beyond, and to dramatically increase its societal impact. Work is expected to start this fall.


Art in the Places of Death. An interview with Prof. Halina Taborska

"Halina Taborska's book (...) is a peculiar study of the aesthetics of an anti-humanistic act. In fact it introduces such "aesthetics" to the readers, and we are presented with a very carefully prepared documentation of various objects, material and spatial shapes, "installations", murals, museum organizations and documentary activities. These are various shapes in the public space which mediate our perception of an unimaginable crime or "blinding” shapes that protect us from the damages of seeing it again. By bringing this collection of practices together, the book shows their character and multiplicity. The research material gathered in the publication and the scholarly approach make it a must-read not only in the study of war crimes in Europe, but also in the study of symbolic representation of mass crimes - especially in the field of cultural studies, cultural anthropology and art history.” (Prof. Jan Stanisław Wojciechowski, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw - excerpt from the review on the cover).


OPERAS launches “Beyond Covid-19”: Call for participation

Beyond Covid-19 is an open access reference library of humanities and social sciences research to support the better understanding of the major changes that societies around the world are experiencing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Beyond Covid-19 accumulates reading notes which summarize in an accessible way the content of selected publications and further establish their relevance in the current context. The open access reference library is complemented by a Zotero library where bibliographic references of selected publications are stored. The open access reference library is open to contributions from the entire social sciences and humanities research community and is managed by the OPERAS coordination team and volunteers.

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