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Date of the event: 25.05.2020 g.13:00 - 25.05.2020 g.14:30
Added on: 15.05.2020

Ewaluacja / otwarte seminarium Centrum Humanistyki Cyfrowej (online)

Spotkanie odbędzie się za pośrednictwem platformy ZOOM. (Link do wydarzenia jest **tutaj**).

źródło: Pixabay

Proponowane lektury:

Edmond, Jennifer, ed. Digital Technology and the Practices of Humanities Research. Open Book Publishers, 2020. https://doi.org/10.11647/OBP.0192.


3. Jennifer Edmond and Laurent Romary, Academic Publishing: New Opportunities for the Culture of Supply and the Nature of Demand

5. Martin Paul Eve, Violins in the Subway: Scarcity Correlations, Evaluative Cultures, and Disciplinary Authority in the Digital Humanities

7.Julianne Nyhan The Evaluation and Peer Review of Digital Scholarship in the Humanities: Experiences, Discussions, and Histories

Fitzpatrick, Kathleen. Planned Obsolescence: Publishing, Technology, and the Future of the Academy. NYU Press, 2011.

Chapter 1 - Peer review


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