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Added on: 24.05.2017
Deadline for submitting applications: 22.09.2017

Stypendia Instytutu Studiów Zaawansowanych Uniwersytetu Środkowoeuropejskiego w Budapeszcie (The Institute for Advanced Study at Central European University)

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The Institute for Advanced Study at CEU (IAS CEU) is pleased to invite applications for its fellowships for the academic year 2018/19. As of this year, calls will be announced in early May and deadlines are set for late September. This will allow for a longer and thus more rigorous review process. In the coming months, we will reach out to faculty with the request to support our review process.

The application deadline for these fellowships is: September 22, 2017.

 Calls are open for the fellowships listed below. A few other fellowships will be announced at a later stage. Applications to more than one of the programs are possible but the application process and the requirements are not always the same.




AFFILIATED FELLOWSHIPS  are open all year. 

IAS CEU Fellowships are highly competitive and will be awarded on the basis of scholarly excellence. Further information on the new Calls can be found on the IAS CEU website: https://ias.ceu.edu/calls-fellowship-applications-ias-ceu

The Institute for Advanced Study at Central European University (IAS CEU) has as its primary mission to support excellent scholars in their pursuit of knowledge in a multidisciplinary scholarly environment. Each year, IAS CEU invites some 20-25 researchers in the social sciences and humanities to spend 3 to 10 months as fellows working on their own research projects. Visiting scholars benefit from the University’s academic and technical resources and from the vibrant cultural and intellectual scene in Budapest. IAS CEU seeks to build connections among its fellows, CEU faculty, and local and regional academic institutions to facilitate high-level interdisciplinary cooperation. For further information on IAS CEU, please visit: http://ias.ceu.edu/.


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