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Date of the event: 29.09.2021 - 30.09.2021
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21st-Century Literature and the Holocaust. CoHLIT-21 #PL Seminar

Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II, Uniwersytet w Antwerpii i Bar Ilan University zapraszają na seminarium zorganizowane w ramach międzynarodowego projektu 21st-Century Literature and the Holocaust. A Comparative and Multilingual Perspective. Seminarium odbędzie się 29 i 30 września w Bramie Grodzkiej - Teatrze NN w Lublinie.

fragment plakatu wydarzenia 21st-Century Literature and the Holocaust. CoHLIT-21 #PL Seminar

29 September 2021

09.00–09.30 Opening ceremony

  • 09.30–10.30 Prof. Przemysław Czapliński (Poland), “Holocaust and Legitimate Cultures in Poland after 1989”

10.30–11.00 Discussion

  • 11.30–12.30 Prof. Małgorzata Wójcik-Dudek (Poland), “Blurring the Holocaust. Recent Polish Literature for Children and Young Adults”

12.30–13.00 Discussion

  • 16.00–17.00 Dr. Sylwia Karolak (Poland), “Ghetto as a Place of Growing up and Extermination in the Newest Polish Language Narrations for Children and Young Adults”

17.00–17.30 Discussion

  • 17.30–18.30 Prof. Sławomir Jacek Żurek (Poland), “21st-Century Polish Literature and the Holocaust. From History to Artefacts”

18.30–19.00 Discussion

30 September 2021

  • 09.00–9.30 Prof. Kris Van Heuckelom (Belgium), “Narratives of Return in Contemporary Fiction about the Holocaust”
  • 09.30–10.00 Dr. Erga Heller (Israel), “ Boys in the Ghetto – a Comparative Reading of Ark of Time by Marcin Szczygielski and The Island on Bird Street by Uri Orlev”

10.00–10.30 Discussion

  • 11.00–11.30 Prof. Barbara Irena Kalla (Poland), “Animals and Environment in Lindelauf’s Fing’s War and Szczygielski’s Ark of Time”
  • 11.30–12.00 Prof. Marina Balina (US), “Holocaust Childhood as History and Story: Anita Lobel’s No Pretty Pictures: A Child of War and Marcin Szczygielski’s Ark of Time”

12.00–12.30 Discussion

  • 16.30–18.00 Comparative discussion on literature for children and young adults (moderator: dr. Sylwia Karolak)
  • 18.00–19.30 Comparative discussion on literature for adults; (moderator: prof. Sławomir Jacek Żurek)

Transmission: https://www.youtube.com/c/BramaGrodzkaTeatrNN


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