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Date of the event: 15.11.2019 - 16.11.2019
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Protest, Rebellion, Nonconformity. Historical, Social and Cultural Contexts

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Rebellion against existing values is rooted in human nature. The generation gap is an excellent proof of this. It can be recognised in the relationship between a parent and a child or between the old and the new, as presented in the ballad The Romantic (Romantyczność) by Adam Mickiewicz. The reaction to nonconformity may be presented in the form of a cultural text or as an open revolution causing violence and bloodshed. However, protests rarely remain unanswered, which often leads to rebels’ suffering (from the Organisers’ announcement).

The organisers of Protest, Rebellion, Nonconformity. Historical, Social and cultural Contexts conference encourage participants to consider the following themes:

  • Protest, rebellion, revolt in cultural representations (literature, film, TV series, video games, visual arts, photography);
  • Law and power vs. protest;
  • Cultural revolutions;
  • Fashion revolutions;
  • Military conflicts;
  • Media discourse, images of protest and rebellion in media;
  • The individual vs. protest and nonconformity;
  • Discrimination, lobbing – how to recognise it and plan counteraction;
  • The culture of rebellion;
  • Nonconformity manifestations;
  • History and protest, rebellion, nonconformity;
  • Identity aspects;
  • The economic crisis;
  • Protest and nonconformity vs. religion;
  • Images of protest and rebellion in media;
  • Rebellion, protest, nonconformity in mythologies;
  • Social and cultural aspects of rebellion and protest;
  • Violence and rebellion;
  • Helplessness and power.

Case studies adapting monodisciplinary and interdisciplinary methodologies will also be considered.

Abstracts are to be submitted via e-mail to sbnk.konferencja@gmail.com till 25 October 2019. Kindly send an editable file (.doc, .docx, .rtf), with the document title following the template: “Name Surname. Presentation title”. The file should contain:

  • abstract (max. 600 words);
  • biographical note (max. 80 words), including the author’s title, affiliation and research interests;
  • contact information: phone number and e-mail address.

The conference fee is estimated to be 360 PLN.

We are planning to publish the articles in a peer-reviewed monograph in the series “Perspectives of Postmodernity” or in an issue of a scholarly journal (depending on the number of articles submitted for review after the conference).

More details and updates about the conference will be published on the following website:


Organisers: Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilisations of the Jagiellonian University, Facta Ficta Research Centre

Organising Committee: Prof. Wiesław Olkusz, Dr Renata Iwicka, Dr Barbara Szymczak-Maciejczyk


ul. Grodzka 52, Kraków
Application deadline for speakers:
360 zł
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10 September 2019; 11:05 (Mariola Wilczak)
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27 October 2019; 19:04 (Sylwia Pikula)
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