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Added on: 04.11.2019
Deadline for applications: 15.12.2019

The fifteenth edition of the Science Promoter competition

The “Nauka w Polsce” portal (Science in Poland) of the Polish Press Agency Foundation and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education invites you to take part in the 15th edition of the Science Promoter competition. The competition is dedicated to people, teams, media and institutions popularizing science.

The competition aims to honor people, teams of people or institutions that popularize science. The prize is awarded to those who help others to understand the world better and who are able to interest and familiarize the non-science professionals with science.

Candidates may submit themselves (or they may be submitted by someone, with the consent of the applicant), and in the case of institutions or teams - through representatives. The application form is available on the website “Nauka w Polsce”.

The winners will receive the title of Science Promoter and a statuette. They will be presented at the end of February 2020 during the final gala. Submissions will be evaluated by a jury consisting of the science promoters, representatives of the scientific community, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the “Nauka w Polsce” website. The jury will choose the winner of the main prize and will award distinctions in the categories: Scientist, Animator, Team, Institution and Media.

In the Scientist category, people with at least a doctoral degree compete with academic employees or academic teachers. In this category, also the applications of scientists who popularize science among people not related to their field will be accepted.

In the Animator category, people without academic degrees or titles can apply. This is an opportunity for active students and doctoral students, as well as administrative staff of universities and people not associated with scientific institutions.

In the Team category, groups of people who popularize science together and who do not necessarily identify with one specific institution have a chance to be awarded. They can be, for example, people who jointly implement popular science projects or teams operating across the administrative boundaries of scientific institutions. They can also be scientific teams or groups of friends or Internet users promoting science together.

The Institution category was created for scientific and non-scientific institutions and enterprises. Thanks to it, achievements in the promotion of science will be able to boast, for example, research institutes, university units, consortia, NGOs, science centers and private companies.

Finally, journalists, media and editorial teams can compete for the award in the Media category. This group may also include Internet users creating popular science messages - e.g. bloggers, fan pagse and websites creators.

While reading the entries, the jury will pay attention to the originality of activities, maturity of initiatives and their bottom-up approaches.

The editors of the website “Nauka w Polsce” will grant an extra-statutory distinction edited by Tomasz Trzciński for exemplary information policy. In this category, applications are not accepted; the laureate will be indicated by the editors.


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