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Date of the event: 12.12.2020 g.10:00 - 13.12.2020 g.18:00
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Our Everyday Identity /International Conference

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Institute of European Culture and the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Ignacy Jan Paderewski University of Poland in London with the Institute of Painting and Artistic Education of the Pedagogical University of the National Commission in Cracow

have the honour to invite you to International Interdisciplinary Conference

Scientific Committee of the Conference
Prof. dr hab. Halina Taborska (PUNO), Dr hab. Małgorzata Wielek-Mandrela, prof. UP, Prof. dr Grażyna Czubińska (PUNO), Dr hab. Aleksandra Łukaszewicz Alcaraz (PUNO), Dr hab. Łukasz Murzyn, prof. UP, Dr Justyna Gorzkowicz (PUNO), Dr Eliza Kącka (PUNO)

Organising Committee of the Conference
Prof. Grażyna Czubińska (PUNO), Dr Justyna Gorzkowicz (PUNO), Dr Teresa Naidoo (PUNO), Dr Krzysztof Gil (UP), Mgr Jarosław Solecki (PUNO), Mgr Juan Valencia (PUNO), Mgr Adrian Ligęza (PUNO)

Secretary of the Conference: Mgr Urszula Walczak

→ Conference languages: Polish and English

Our conference will be held on the ZOOM platform. If you want to participate, please email to the address: konferencja@puno.edu.pl

The Conference Program and the Book of Abstracts are available for download in the attachment.

The conference aims to combine activities in the field of visual arts with interdisciplinary considerations in the spectrum of various fields of humanities and social sciences. The theoretical approach of the scientists and artists meeting has become the question of "identity". The most important issues which are still "in the process", concerning all areas of human life: its artistic, cultural, social, religious or scientific activities.
The structures of the post-modern world oblige researchers to try newer methodologies, sophisticated resources of interdisciplinary understanding of the dimensions in the identification process, encouraging unconventional approach to the "identity" issues. In order to meet the challenges of topographizing the term of "identity", conference organizers divided it into 5 contractual thematic panels, creating an opportunity to contribute to the event for the representatives of various disciplines.

The panels respond to FIVE creative perspectives which will be taken up by artists from the Institute of Painting of the Pedagogical University of Cracow. The results of their artistic activities will be available for viewing for two months between 18.12.2020-18.02.2021 in 3D Blue Point Art Gallery PUNO London at the exhibition entitled "Images of Identity".

The conference "Everyday Identity" and the virtual exhibition "Images of Identity" are part of an interdisciplinary research project: "The Question of "Identity" in an Interdisciplinary Approach 2020/2021". The project is implemented in cooperation with the Institute of European Culture PUNO and the Institute of Painting and Artistic Education UP.


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Justyna Gorzkowicz

Antropolog kulturowy ze specjalnością literaturoznawczą, krytyk artystyczny; wicedyrektor Instytutu Kultury Europejskiej PUNO Londyn

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