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The Polish University Abroad in London

Phone: +44 (0)20 8846 9305
E-mail: info@puno.ac.uk

“…PUNO has a special symbolic and emotional significance for me: it stood out for several decades as the only authentically free expression of Poland’s intellectual tradition. Your voice was a constant reminder that free thought is the essential component of political freedom. And I also know how much effort and sacrifice were required to keep PUNO alive so that its voice would be heard. I am honoured now to be part of you, knowing as I do now how much Poland owes to PUNO…”

Prof. Zbigniew Brzezinski 2005
Acceptance speech, Ph.D. honoris causa

Our duties:

  1. Building scientific and cultural bridges between academic communities of the Polish Diaspora, Poland and the UK.
  2. Furthering academic and cultural cooperation of ethnic minorities with institutions in their country of settlement.
  3. Enabling persons of limited finacial means to take the fullest advantage of PUNO’s teaching and research programmes.

Taught Courses

Post-graduate studies:
One- or two-year postgraduate courses for students with at least a Bachelor’s degree. We offer:

  • Applied Psychology
  • Sexual Health and Social Studies
  • Mediations and Negotiations
  • Teaching Polish Language and Culture
  • Coaching


Active in years::
1939 - 1940 | 1952 -
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